Back in Black

Back in Black - Lori Foster Lori Foster is one of the best romance authors out there and with this new novel she brings a light entertaining romance. This could be read as a stand alone or as a SBC fighters series. The story tells about Drew Black the face and founder of the SBC and how he falls in love with his PR advisor Gillian Noode who is hired against his will to clean up his act. There both very strong characters and it's very entertaining to read how they fall for each other. There's another mini romance in the story between an up and coming fighter named Brett Bullman and an advocate against sports with violence named Audrey, while their romance is totally different form Drew and Gillian it adds a nice balance. While Drew and Gillian's romance is fast hot and heavy. Brett and Audrey's relationship is soft and patient, both have qualities that I love and showcase how everybody loves differently and the obstacles they go through to keep that love. The story had it's fair share of action and danger bringing intrigue and spice. I liked the story and will continue to read Fosters books.