Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling Series #8)

Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh Nalini Singh is known for her steamy romances filled with mesmerizing suspense. In Bonds of Justice the romance gets steamier and the suspense is filled with even more danger. Being a top level justice Psy, Sophia Russo has to battle the mind of a serial killer, while working on a big case for a Psy Councilor while making sure she stays alive from her very own people. Plus dealing with the instant raging feeling she has for her partner, the strong sexy cop Max Shannon, all merged together in this 46th chapter book, made for a very exciting read! Singh knows how to draw me into the lives of her amazingly interesting characters. I love how strong and independent her characters are both male and female. Sophia and Max, though strong characters also have huge vulnerabilities that humanized them, making them real and relateable. All of the drama that they have to deal with on top of their searing romance makes this story so intriguing I couldn't put it down! Singh had me questioning whether or not Max and Sophia, forcefully brought together as a team, could solve the mystery of who was after the Psy councilor while besting a killer and figuring out whether or not they would act on their feelings. I loved Max, the strong hearted cop with his determination and how he recognized his feelings for Sophia and had the strength to act on it, while recognizing and acknowledging Sophia's strength as well. What impressed me the most was how Singh was able to bring in so many different issues and make them so cohesive, forming an enjoyable imaginatively complicated world. Since this is a paranormal romance, the powers of the Psy was dangerously creative and the romance was so hot and intense it practically singed the pages. I've enjoyed Nalini's Psy-Changeling novels from the very beginning and they seem to keep getting better and better, building upon each other to form an amazing world. I would definitely recommend it to readers who love a great paranormal romance!