Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling Series #9)

Play of Passion - Nalini Singh After writing eight books in her Psy-Changeling paranormal romance series Nalini Singh continues to capture my attention and heart with her characters in her latest installment Play of Passion. After writing such a long series revolving around the same world one would think that soon the stories would start to become boring and loose their interest, but I'm happy to announce that in fact the stories keep getting better and better. Ms. Singh has a way of drawing the reader into her amazingly well created world and lets you loose your self in the hugely complicated characters and all the crazy trials and tribulations that they face with life and love.In Play of Passion we meet Indigo and Andrew both a part of the powerful changeling wolf pack in San Fransisco called SnowDancer. Indigo is one of the only dominant female lieutenant in the pack, making the possibilities of her finding a mate that both she and her wolf can accept slim to none. Especially when her position in the SnowDancer pack hierarchy only shows the possibilities of two men more dominant then her, Hawk her alpha, which she has no feelings for. And Riley who is already mated. Indigo is comfortable with her life and her place within the SnowDancer pack, that is until Andrew comes back to the pack and starts to stir up feelings in Indigo that was long time buried. Being Riley's younger brother, Brenna older brother and with Andrew's position in the pack's hierarchy murky, Indigo knows that nothing could become of their relationship. But Andrew knows his feelings for Indigo are real and he will do anything he needs to do to prove to her that it doesn't matter that he's younger or his murky position in the hierarchy. The connection and chemistry that Andrew and Indigo has for each other clearly jumps of the page. I enjoyed Indigo's independence and strong will as well as Andrew's intensity and playfulness. They compliment each other in a great way bringing humor and lightheartedness to the story. Besides dealing with the feelings Indigo and Andrew have to deal with they also have to deal with the scheming of the Psy and what ever plans they have up their sleeves to hold onto their power of Silence. Will Indigo be able to come to terms with her feelings she has to Andrew and let him in? Can Andrew be able to break down all of Indigo's walls and show that what they have is worth fighting for as well as come to terms with her dominance? With they both give into their desires while overcoming the dangers the Psy faces their pack and much more? You'll have to read to find out and trust me you will not be disappointed.