Bruiser - Neal Shusterman With all the sadness and pain we go through in life it would be a dream come true to have it all just go away. But you know what they say, “be careful what you wish for”. Fraternal twins Tennyson and Bronte soon find that out when Tennyson becomes Bruiser’s friend and Bronte start to date him. Bruiser is the schools out cast, voted most likely to go to jail because of his huge size and silent domineer. But what no one knows is that Bruiser is harboring a huge secret and power. Ok I was really expecting a kick ass action story but what I got was an intensely suspenseful story about the power of connection, friendship and sacrifice. Shockingly I was entranced with Bruiser’s story and Tennyson and Bronte’s role in changing their lives as well as changing his life. Even though this wasn’t full on the action, Shusterman did a very good job capturing and holding my attention though out the story. The characters were what made this story. Bruiser, Tennyson, Bronte, and Bruiser’s brother views points took center stage, making the story more intense. I was able to get and strong view of what each character was going through and how their lives connected from all their trials and tribulations to form a special bond.Bruiser had this amazing yet distinctive power and it was great to read about how he managed it. This story was entertaining and special, bringing to light the depths we would go to to help the ones we love. This is a story readers will defiantly enjoy.