The Lying Game (Lying Game Series #1)

The Lying Game - Sara Shepard Its one thing to be shocked at finding out you’re actually a twin. But it goes to a whole other level when you find out that your twin is dead and the killer is using you to replace her and keep her death a secret. Emma finds herself in this exact crazy dilemma after she makes contact with her so called “twin” and receives an invitation from Sutton to meet up, things turn surreal after that. What Emma thinks will be a great unforgettable reunion is unforgettable in a totally different way. Leading a turn around in her other wise messed up world that drops her into a dangerous game of secrecies and lies. Emma and Sutton, though identical twins bring very different styles and unique views point to the story; it adds diversity and interest with he differently they see the world through their lives. I would have like for more resolutions within this story for all the unanswered questions within the story. It would have made for more balance. Though it is called The Lying Game. I enjoyed the intricate web that Sara Shepard created with the plot, even though we know from the beginning that Sutton is dead she still plays and active part in the story. The Lying Game is filled with so many twist and turns within the plot and the characters are interesting bringing together an exciting story that you will be compelled to read just to see how it ends. Sara Shepard takes the saying “Trust No one” to a whole new level. Readers who are interested in non stop danger and suspense will really enjoy The Lying Game. I look forward to reading what will happen next to Sutton and Emma and how further they will get themselves into the game of lies because how it ended I know the story is just getting started.