Mystical Warrior (Midnight Bay)

Mystical Warrior - Janet Chapman First ImpressionsI jumped into the series of Midnight Bay in the second installment but quickly grew to enjoy the characters and their crazy stories. Mystical Warrior is the third book in the series and it captured all of the amusing light hearted humor as in Dragon Warrior while also addressing serious topics like fear and abuse. What WorkedThe tension between Trace and Fiona. Even though this is a romance I liked how it wasn’t an instant love connection between them. Leaving them time to get to know each other as a person and progressing to love.Even balanced between the humor and serious topic raised within the story. One minute I’m laughing and then sadden the next.The bit of action that is introduced with Maximillian Oceanus.I liked how the past character were integrated within the story connecting the past stories together without over taking the story.Could Have Been BetterWhile at the end this is a romance and I enjoyed it, I could have used for e a bit more action. I felt it could have been extended more throughout the story adding even more drama and intensityCharacters. Fiona- I liked her character and how even though horrible things have happened to her she didn’t let it brake her.Trace- Quite, dark and brooding. I enjoyed how he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and even though he gave off a jerk vibe, he was a softy at heart.Maximillian- Now he was a character I enjoyed getting to know. While he and his powers were a mystery that was thankfully answered, I enjoyed how he brought the humor and action. Look forward to his story.OverallReally enjoyed Mystical Warrior finding myself invested in Fiona and Trace’s story. The story was engaging, humorous and intense. There weren’t any boring moments and I connected to the challenges that Trace and Fiona faced both paranormally as well as realistically. Midnight Bay is a great series and I look forward to reading more.