No Place to Run (KGI Series #2)

No Place to Run - Maya Banks No Where to Run was an exciting story that had me on the edge. Sam and Sophie’s story was intense from the beginning. I was lead on a crazy ride throughout the story. Both Sam and Sophie were strong characters with unique vulnerabilities that they needed to deal and come to terms with. The romance between the main characters was intense and lit up the pages. I enjoyed the struggle and work that Sophie and Sam had to go through in order to build a solid relationship. It made their love more realistic, no love at first sight. They both brought different important elements to the story that made it more enjoyable to read how they would work it all out while staying alive. Besides the heated moments of romance the drama and danger of the plot brought as much suspense and intensity as the romance did. Fast pace and action packed I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough to find out what would happen next. At some points I even wondered if Sophie and Sam would make it especially with Sam’s condition. Maya Banks did a good job balancing the romance and action. All the characters, besides the main characters were just as entertaining and important, setting up for a future series that I would like to read more about. Can’t wait to get inside the rest of the Kelly men’s lives.