Sin Undone (Demonica Series #5)

Sin Undone - Larissa Ione The last installment of the demonica series, Sin Undone ended with a well deserved bang. I devoured this story with it’s amazing characters and the crazy lives they lived. Larissa Ione trapped me into her amazing world filled with uniquely dangerous creatures and the even more dangerous situations they find themselves in. In this final story of the demonica series we follow Sin, the only female Seminus demon in existence. Sin’s life got extremely complicated when she unleashed a global plague that started eliminating werewolves left and right with no cure in sight. When she was paired with Conall half vampire-half werewolf, who she has a history with and who hates her because he thinks she intentionally unleashed the plaque which is killing his people, things got interesting fast. From the first demonica series Pleasure Unbound I was entranced by Ione's characters and they’re crazy adventures and I feel that Sin and Conall was craziest of all. Both very strong characters with strong personalities, convictions, and pasts that continued to haunt them while shaping who they are. This made it a pleasure to read how they came together to form of romantic bond tight enough to get through all the baggage they carried and the crazy situation being thrown at them. The romance between Conall and Sin was sexy as it was exciting and dangerous. There’s so much sexual tension as well as the tension between their personalities that it left my heart racing. When together I didn’t know if they were going to jump each others bones or fight. As usual Ione did a great job creating this amazing world with such attention to detail that not for one moment did I feel any disconnection. There was so much action and adventure layered with danger and romance that I couldn’t read fast enough. Readers old and new will instantly fall in love with Ione's characters and world. Ione has the ability to take creatures that are normally painted as evil and demented, giving them hope, dreams and feelings that I couldn’t help but feel attracted and I thank her for that. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for her next series Lords of Deliverance that I know I will love just as much.