Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely Series #4)

Radiant Shadows - Melissa Marr This is the forth story in the Wicked Lovely series and I have to say that it just keep getting better and better. I really enjoyed the dangerous, complicated world of Faery that Marr created. The story is so intense and the characters grab you from page one and never let you go. In this installment of the Wicked Lovely series we are introduced to Ani a half faery half human whose father is Gabriel the leader of the Wild Hunt and Devlin who’s the High Queen’s ambassador. This story is all about the journey of Devlin and Ani falling in love and all the trials and tribulations that comes from them dealing with that love, as well as saving Faery from the brink of war between the powerful faerys. It’s a classic case of two people who aren't meant to be falling in love. Although, Marr did an excellent job creating a plot that kept me in suspense through out the entire book. The characters play as big a part as the story making it that much more three dimensional. I really ended up identifying with Ani and her struggles as well as Devlin. I was emotionally infested in them, hoping that through out all the problems they faced they could end up being together. I love how dark and dangerous this story is and how Marr shattered all the known myths of how cute and happy faerys are, showing a whole other side to them. The relationship between Ani and Devlin was passionate as well as the intense problems going on between all of the faery courts. The ending was satisfying but left the possibility open for Marr to continue with the series which I will defiantly look forward too. If you have not read the Wicked Lovely series I really recommend that you do.