Fallen (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #1)

Fallen - Lauren Kate I enjoyed this story. The plot was intriguing and the characters held the most spotlight. We're introduced to Lucinda "Luce" Price , who's going to a new boarding school in Savanna Georgia called "Swords & Cross". Now this is no ordinary boarding school it's a correctional school for troubled kids, which made the plot much more interesting to me. Throughout the story Lace is going through the typical "new kid" syndrome, trying to be herself and make friends. Though mostly all the friends she meets are certified by the state to have "problems". The story had a nice flow though I felt that the pace could have been a little quicker with a little more action in the middle. What had me frustrated was surprisingly the romance between Lace and the mysterious and illusive Daniel. I can understand that it would be unrealistic if they met and just fell in love, but I felt that every time Daniel and Lace got close and the scene got intense (in a very good way) Daniel would just blow Lace off. Now ok that builds up the tension between them and that’s good but after while I was to the point were Lace should have stopped going after him and let him come after her. Though it did get a lot better when Daniel started to show his feelings for Lace and I loved the added love triangle when another gorgeous boy named Cam took an interest in Lace as well. It brought a nice new tension to the book where things were stared to get dull. Now the end of the story is were I fell in love. Action, action and dare I say more action!!!!! Things that was continually touched upon without any explanation was explained in a big, glorious way! Everything was coming into light and stuff was hitting the fan!! We had characters revealing their true selves, murder, and an epic battle! I have to say the ending saved the story from being an ordinary love story for me. It added the action that I craved in the beginning and an whole new level of adventure. With an ending like this I really want to read the next installment now!!!! (I'm seriously mad that I have to wait till the fall for it!!)