Forget You

Forget You - Jennifer Echols This is the story of Zoey and the journey of her life dealing with the bad break up of her parents while keeping the perfect persona of being in total control. When a horrible accident leads to her losing her memory, Zoey goes on a mission to try and remember what really happen on the night after her school's game and why her enemy Doug has sudden interest in her and why she is starting to have feelings for him. Once again Echols captured me from the first page and held my attention through out the whole story. I was flipping through the pages totally engaged in Zoey putting together the missing pieces of her memory and dealing with the drama of her family, Brandon and Doug and whether things will ultimately work out. I really enjoyed the growing chemistry between Zoey and Doug though she tries to hide behind the normalcy that Brandon her maybe boyfriend presents. Characters play such a huge role in stories and Echols did a great job creating realistic characters dealing with their own internal problems. Echols has the power to make me emotionally invested in her characters. I felt for Zoey and all the crap that she had to deal with, down to hating her father and how he treated her and her mother and sadness for her mother and how badly she was taking things. I understood were Zoey was coming from in trying to keep things together even though she knew things were falling apart around her. I also felt for Doug and how he had to navigate Zoey's world with the new feelings he had while trying to be there for her and protect his heart in the process. Echols writing was clear and understandable, making this a very enjoyable read for me. She really captured the essence of teenage life and all the struggles that comes with it. She was not afraid to tackle important issues like sex, depression, suicide and so much more which I really appreciated. The romance was hot, intense and a little graphic making this for mature readers (And I loved every bit of it!!!). I was in suspense thinking so many different scenarios of what really happen that night all the way up to the end. All in All this was great read that I definably recommend it and I can't wait to read more of Echols books!!!