Die for Me

Die for Me - With the influx of paranormal romances hitting the YA market I thought Die for Me would be one in the same. While it does have typical elements within the story it did have unique surprises that made it different. Which lead to an interesting story.I enjoyed how the story was set in romantic and exotic Paris, France which in my book automatically added diversity and freshness to the story. It was interesting to read how Kate, the main character, navigated her new surroundings and the handsome mysterious male Vincent. Who brought to her life new adventures and dangers. The romance between Kate and Vincent was typical and a bit fast for me, I would have liked for a bit more development and drama since how the ending played out this will clearly develop into a series. Though in the end it didn’t really detract from the story as a whole because while half the focus was set on their romance it was more on the discovery of the Revenants and how they affected and changed Kate’s life. What really captured me was the paranormal element within the story that Vincent and his friends brought. The Revenants were unique and intriguing, grabbing my attention from when they were first introduced with their powers and missions. I wish there were more of those intense scenes with the Revenants, watching them go to work and battle their enemies. Since the story was told in first person narrative through Kate’s point of view I found her to be a good strong character with a clear voice. Overall I found that I enjoyed Die for Me. Amy’s writing style was clear and entertaining and I look forward to reading more of Kate and Vincent’s story.