Clarity (Clarity Series #1)

Clarity - Kim Harrington Clarity a.k.a “Clare” can see things and not your normal things. Clare has the supernatural ability to see into a person’s life by touching an object that belongs to them. The more intense reaction the person have while holding the object, the more Clare “sees”. This pulls Clare into her town’s murder investigation. Which ultimately has her fighting against time to clear her brother’s name and save the next victim. What would you do when all the signs point to your loved one being a murder?Clarity is a classic “who done it?” story with a supernatural twist and I enjoyed how it kepted me guessing. With all these interesting characters the murder suspect became interchangeable, which led to an entertaining read.Since this story is written first person through the eyes of Clare, it was important that I could connect with her and be able to understand the world through her eyes. I feel that she was a solid character with sass, independence and vulnerabilities that made me want to read more of her story.Clare had a lot of stuff going on in her life from dealing with her unpredictable power, family, the investigation and on top of all that dealing with the feelings she has for Gabe and Justin. I liked the added romance within the story. Though I would have liked for more intense moments with Justin and Gabe to crank up the intensity within the story to balance all the murder and supernatural elements. I was looking for something more unique and special between this love triangle that wasn’t fully explored yet. But there is a lot of potential there.Clarity was a great read that had me entertained while kept me in the dark with what was really going on in that Cape Cod town. Kim did a good job with the story’s pacing and description, I felt like I was really there. I really enjoyed how Clare wasn’t the only one with powers. Her whole family had special gifts and with the support of her family she wasn’t alone in her uniqueness. Clarity was an enjoying read that kept me questioning until the end. Readers who love mysteries rolled in with the supernatural will like the taste of Clarity.