Dragon Bound (Elder Races Series #1)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison In this new paranormal romance be prepared to be taken on a wild ride filled with action, shape-shifters and hot romance. Pia Giovanni finds her life turned upside down as a forced favor from her ex leaves her on the run for stealing from the most powerful man in New York and Wyrkind, Dragos Cuelebre. Pia knows her days are numbered and flees the city with Dragos fast on her heels. Soon she’s pulled into a supernatural rivalry battle and fighting off feelings for a man set out to make an example of her. To teach her and everyone that it’s a really, really bad idea to steal from a dragon. I really enjoyed Dragon Bound and the wild ride it took me on. Pia was a funny down to earth heroin who was strong and wise enough to know when it was time for her to get out of doge. The romance between Pia and Dragos was hot, stormy and exciting. I was just as enraptured by the chase as Dragos. I didn’t know whether they would jump each others bones or fight to the death.Dragos was thee alpha male, sexy and strong. I loved watching his world get turned around by the feisty Pia. The adventure these two were on allowed for some great action scenes and world building also allowing for their relationship to grow and morph into something nether one of them expected. Overall, Dragon Bound was a great start to The Elder Races series. Ms. Harrison created an engaging world filled with unique characters and situations that I can’t wait to discover. More please!