Misfit - Jon Skovron *Check out more reviews and book related things at Literary Cravings*First ImpressionsWhat would you do if you knew your mother was a demon and that part of you was half demon lying in dormant waiting to come out? Would you try and find the truth about yourself and the powers you possess? That’s the path that Jael took and I couldn’t wait to find out what that path lead her on.What WorkedJael’s story really drew me in. I enjoyed her journey at coming to terms with who she really was and all the history behind it. The switch between the past and present wasn’t jarring at all and really helped in explaining and moving the story along. The story was told in 3rd person omniscient which was a refreshing twist to the POV’s styles of the books I’ve been reading; it let me get deeper into the story.The action was a world wind. In every chapter there was something happing either physically or mentally.The mystery within the story was an enigma. From Jael trying to figure out who she really was meant to be and the unknown danger facing her; to the truth about her parents and what that would mean for her future left me with so many different answers, that I enjoyed finding out the answers to these questions and the more questions that were raised. Could Have Been BetterThere was a spark of romance between Jael and Rob, I would have wished for a more intense, hot romance between the two. Though the story didn’t suffer without it. And since this is hopefully the start to a series maybe I will see thing heat up between Jael and Rob in the future.CharactersJael: She was a strong character that wasn’t afraid to get down to the bottom of thing and fin the truth even if it hurt.Paul (Jael’s Father): At first I didn’t care for him and his uptight was but as his story unfolded I grew to understand him and the choices he had to make. He quickly became an important character. OverallMisfit was a deeply entertaining story that took me on a wild ride. Mr. Skovron created a creatively diverse and complicated world were the demons are not what we expect them to be. I had a blast reading Jael’s story unfolded and I can’t wait to read more. While there wasn’t an intense romance, the world wind action, mysterious mysteries and complicated characters totally made up for it. I’m really looking forward to where Mr. Skovron takes the story.