Spell Hunter (Faery Rebels Series)

Spell Hunter - R.J. Anderson Step into a mystical world of Faeries in R. J. Anderson's new tale Spell Hunter. With a unique tale on the well known mystical creatures, faeries, I'm gradually drawn into the life of Knife, one of the youngest faerie living in the ancient oak tree called Oakenwyld. When the faeries of the Oak are in danger of extinction from their lack of magic, Knife takes it upon herself to face the dangerous outside human world in search of a way to help her kind. Through out the journey Knife is tested in many different ways all the while learning about her self and who she wants to become. The trials and dangers that she faces, from hungry animals to humans and even her fellow faeries had me totally engaged in the story. Though the beginning wasn’t as fast paced and straight to the point as I would have liked, I understood Anderson’s reasoning for the information that furthered the plot in the end. Soon enough Knife was going on daring adventures and fighting for her life and the lives of her people, as well as falling in love. I enjoyed unique spin of the faerie lore that Anderson created with her faeries. The characters in the story were very interesting, all of their voices were compelling and real. I cared about what was happening at the Oak and how Knife would help save them. I enjoyed the growing relationship between Paul and Knife, it added another level of tension within the story as well. The romance didn’t feel rushed and I appreciated how they grew and learned from each other. Anderson wrote a captivating tale filled with adventure, mystery romance and danger, which I feel will leave readers wanting more.