Deadly Little Lies (Touch Novels)

Deadly Little Lies - Laurie Faria Stolarz The story is the second installment in Stolarz's touch series and it was a nice, interesting read. We're introduced to Camelia again trying to live life after the horrific incident that happened to her a few months back (read Deadly Little Secrets) and the fact that Ben left. Soon things start to turn interesting while Camelia works on her pottery and starts to hear voices and sees things. Then Ben comes back into her life and the tension begins with them fighting their feelings for each other. To complicate matters more there's a new guy in town named Adam and he sets his eyes on Camelia, adding a nice little love triangle. The suspense from the first novel is clearly brough to this installment when Camelia start to receive photos and messages again letting her know she's in danger (again) and for her to be careful or she'll end up dead. Only now it's from someone new. I enjoyed this story and all of the characters, new and old. I loved the tension Stolarz built between Camelia, Ben and Adam. Even though this plot was similar to the fist book with Camelia trying to figure out who's out to hurt her, there are other elements added on, which gave it a fresh new feel. The diary entrees between the chapters was a great addition, adding to the intrigue. What I was a little disappointed with was Stolarz didn't really go into Ben's powers or Ben himself, he still remained a total mystery but hopefully Stolarz will get more into Ben and Camelia's powers with the third installment.Come check out my reviews on my blog Literary Wonders