Falling Under

Falling Under - It didn’t take me long reading Falling Under to fall into its mesmerizing spell. Gwen Hayes has a clear talent at creating a rich dark world filled with unforgettable characters and an unforgettable story.As we follow Theia Anderson we see her trying to navigate her mundane life at hiding her reckless spirit and who she really is trying to please her father. Who tries his hardest to keep her sensible and quiet by monitoring everything about Theia from where she goes to what she wears. Throughout the story I was bordering on feeling sorry for her father and disliking him immensely. Though some may see Theia allowing her father to control of her life as weakness but I see strength in Theia that she doesn’t go crazy with everything she’s battling inside. Even though Theia tries to stay quiet and do as she is told there is a spark inside her that she can’t hide. Haden, the dark mysterious stranger who comes into the picture see’s the spark that Theia tries to contain and makes it his mission to kindle that spark whether in dreams or reality.The romance between Theia and Haden was as intense as the storyline which had me turning the pages to find out what would happen next. With the diverse supernatural YA tales on the market now, Falling Under was refreshingly unique with a world that is filled with so much potential. Readers looking for an intensely unique paranormal romance with an engaging storyline should read Falling Under. I can’t wait to read more of Theia and Haden’s story.