Vesper - Jeff Sampson An interesting take on a known paranormal tale, I enjoyed reading Vesper. The story opens up with mystery and intrigue as Emily recounts the events leading up to the sticky situation she now finds herself in, which instantly had me wanting to know more. What happen? How did she get to where she was? Where exactly was she? I enjoyed finding these questions out and so much more. Emily was an interesting character and so was following her crazy life. What I enjoyed the most was the mystery of her dual personalities and what she would do next and what it would all lead to. The pacing flowed nicely. Each chapter held my attention building up to an interesting conclusion. What I feel was lacking a bit within the story was some sexual romantic tension between Emily and her romantic interest.I did enjoy how the main focus of this story was on finding out what was really going on with Emily and her crazy mood swings. And boy was they crazy. But I could have use for more interaction with her unique kind and more variety of characters. Seeing how this is the start of a new series, I hope I’ll get to see and hear from more uniquely different characters and I hope to see more of Emily’s powers and what she can really do.Overall Vesper was a great start to an interesting story that has the potential to be a great series. It was just enough action and mystery to keep me entertained and guessing at the same time. Looking forward to reading more from Jeff Sampson.