Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis Across the Universe was an intense thought provoking sci-fi novel that had me in its grip from the opening paragraph and didn’t let me go. This was uniquely different story is set in the future following two teen aged kids, Amy and Elder, as they navigate the crazy society on board the space ship Godspeed which is filled with so much secrets and danger that if found out would drastically change Amy and Elder, plus all the passengers on board lives.I really enjoyed reading Beth Revis’s intensely detailed world. Even though the story was set on the confining space ship it felt like a vast world filled with interesting sights and activities. Revis had a great writing style that made the story an easy, clear read with a pace that didn’t leave me bored or confused but satisfied. Amy and Elder aren’t exactly your regular teenaged characters with the story set in the future their mindsets and goals are vastly different, making them as interesting as the plot itself. The split point of views between Elder and Amy gave great insight into both the characters lives and showcased their differences as well as their connection which tied in perfectly with the plot. Even though their mindsets were different from teens today, Amy and Elder were still relatable characters, going through relatable situations like finding who they were as individuals and being able to go with their convictions.There were a lot of deep important themes that were raised within the story that left me thinking long after the story was over. Like the power of the individual, the importance of one’s voice and having the guts to stand up for what is right even if it means going against the norm and all that you know. Across the Universe was an amazing read filled with action, suspense, romance and danger. It re-opened my eyes to how great sci-fi genre can be and I feel that readers will greatly enjoy it.