Whisper - Phoebe Kitanidis Kitanidis took the saying “Read my mind” to a whole new level in her debut story. Joy the main character that is just like every other girl except for one little talent. She can hear the voices of people around her. It’s a gift passed on to the females of her family which they called the Hearing. The story focused on how Joy deals with her ability and her life. What’s refreshing about Joy is that instead of trying to ignore her powers she embraces it. Using it to help those around her, making her popular but it seemed like nobody really knew who Joy was, including Joy herself. The major conflict was with her older sister Jessica who has the gift as well but instead of embracing her powers and helping people like Joy she did the exact opposite. Jessica decided to use her powers to drive people away, using her knowledge of people’s whispers to her own advantage. With her rebellious non caring attitude, Jessica brings the edge and mystery to the story just in the right moment. The sisters are like night and day bringing a great balance to the story. When Jessica goes missing is when things really picks up bringing the mystery and danger. I enjoyed the story allot for its uniqueness and how well Kitanidis did with capturing Joy and Jessica’s voices. The added romance between Joy and Jamie, the lone boy who had interesting secrets of his own, added to the story a well. This was a great story that kept me engaged from beginning to end. I feel that Kitanidis created an interesting world which I hope she turns into a series. I recommended this book to those interested in paranormal filled with mystery, romance and danger.