Hereafter - First ImpressionsNobody really expects that after you die is when you really start to live, learning more about yourself and out of all things finding connection…finding love. In Hereafter I was easily engrossed in a journey of self discovery and love all rolled into a supernatural setting that I couldn’t put down.What Worked The mystery behind Amelia and how she came to be a ghost. There was so many different possibilities and I liked how Ms. Hudson played on each one keeping me guessing as well as questioning. The romance between Amelia and Joshua, though some may find it quick and typical it tugged at my heart I was really entranced at how they came together and how their relationship formed. I mean how could a ghost and a human have a relationship? That question had me turning the pages to find the answer. The underlining danger within the story. With the potential of Joshua being caught and labeled as crazy every time he was with Amelia. I really enjoyed the scene with him and Amelia and how he played it off, very smart. Plus the plans that the creepy / mysterious Eli had in store for Amelia. I enjoyed getting to know Joshua’s family; it opened up the story and added depth to the world building as well as the plot. It gave additional knowledge to what was going on with Joshua and Amelia while also throwing another problem within their relationship. The struggles that Amelia had to go through. Here is a story that the protagonist struggled and for a long time at that. Even when she was “awakened” the answers didn’t come easily to her. She had to push, scrap and dig for every memory to find the answers she was looking for. Even if it was too painful. In those struggles is when I connected with her the most.CharactersAmelia: Was a great character that I really connected with in all her struggles. I liked how strong and vulnerable she was willing to open up her world with Joshua and herself and find the truth about what happened to her, no matter the outcome.Joshua: Enjoyed how he was willing to go there with Amelia. Even though it was crazy and he ran the risk of being labeled crazy he saw something in her and didn’t let go. He was strong enough to ultimately not care what people saw or said. I can’t help but admire strong character.Joshua’s Grandmother: She was the love/ hate character for me in this story. Loved her quirky personality and how she said how she felt no matter who was around, though I hated her closed minded attitude towards things. She thought she knew everything and that was that.Eli: Mysterious creepy spirit guy who brought the spark to the story as well as humor.OverallHereafter was a story that I found myself really enjoying. I got into Amelia and Joshua’s story and all the complications that went along with it. Ms. Hudson’s writing was clear and easy to understand. I flew passed those pages. There was a clear ending that left me satisfied but also left things unanswered for a continuation of the story which I look forward to.