Betrayal (The Descendants, #1)

Betrayal  - Mayandree Michel Betrayal was an interesting read that provided a new twist on Greek Mythology. With an interesting plot filled with mystery, action, love and deceit woven together I couldn’t wait to dive into this tale and see what would happen.What I enjoyed about Betrayal was the mystery and intrigue. Not knowing what was going to happen next to Cordelia and her friends kept me interested and wanting to know more. The things that happen within the book weren’t normal or predictable and I liked that. Kept me on my toes! Ms. Michel wasn’t afraid to push the envelope with the action and allowing crazy things to happing and letting the focus be about the aftermath and how Cordelia would deal with what happen next. Plus the fact that having the added pressure of trying to remember who she really was. I liked the romantic tension between Cordelia and Evan, with everything going on around them and them not exactly knowing whether they would be together in the end. The things that didn’t work for me within the story were the pacing and character development. I felt that there wasn’t smooth consistent pacing. The story would develop slowly for a long while then, bam! The action would happen and the story would pick up but then would go slowly again. And within those slow passages I felt were filled with things that weren’t really important. I enjoyed the action and would have like more of it. Though the characters were interesting as well as getting to know their crazy lives, I didn’t really connect with them or Cordelia like I wanted to. With all the crazy things happening to her I didn’t really get to really know who she really was as a person and not just this powerful supernatural being. Though I understood what she was going through and the choices she had to make there wasn’t as strong of a connection as I would have liked. The reason for that may have to do with her world crashing around her in a matter of days and her trying to figure out who she really was in the first place.Overall I found Betrayal to be an interestingly entertaining story. And I enjoyed reading the new twist created with the Greek mythology. Though I have a few gripes with the story it didn’t really deter me from enjoying the story as a whole. Readers interested in the Greek mythology told in a new way added with action, mystery and a bit of romance should give Betrayal a read. I’m interested to see where Ms. Michel will take this story next.