Need (Need #1) - Carrie Jones Jumping right into the review this story is about a young girl named Zara who's shipped to her grandmothers in Maine because her stepfather just died and her mother thought it would be best if she took some time away. Now what is interesting about the story is the stalker that follows Zara to her grandmother's house. I don't want to give all the surprises away (even though about time you read this you will have already read or heard about it) but I feel that the real spark and juice was in Zara and her friends Issie, Devyn and her love interest Nick trying to figure out who this stalker was and what he wanted with Zara. The characters were well though out and developed down to their little quirks, Zara with her obsession with phobias, Issie hyper self, est. I felt that I could connect with Zara though at times I questioned her decisions. I loved the added romance between her and Nick and how through the story they developed being friends then more. There were twists and turns in the plot some predictable other not but still very enjoyable. I felt that there could have been a more dramatic ending but it made since that there would be things left for the sequel.Come check out reviews on my blog Literary Wonders !!