Deadly Little Secret (Touch Novels)

Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz This book was an enjoyable light read that suddenly turned me into a detective by the middle of the book. The story is about Camelia, your average junior in high school going about living life, until the day she almost got hit by a car. The story started off with her being saved by this mysterious guy she's never seen before named Ben. Now many people saw the similarity with the beginning of this book and that of Twilight, her being saved by this guy who she ends up falling for but that's were the similarities end. Your getting a totally different story here, one were there's no vampires or werewolves in sight. Instead you get psychotic stalkers and a bit of the supernatural. What caught and kept my attention with this story was it's pace and how even though it was in Camelia's point of view the action was constant. I wasn't given to much details to bore but just enough to keep the flow and story fresh. Also I absolutely loved the character's, Camelia seemed like your everyday girl just trying to get through life even with her faults, though it did seem like even though she wasn’t the popular girl there was quite a lot of interest in her but it seem to work to further the story and keeping us guessing who the stalker was. The crazy banter between Camelia friends Kimme who's absolutely boy crazy and Wes the dateless and desperate boy of the group. These two bring the humor having me laughing in multiple parts.The romance between Camelia and Ben sizzled and fizzled in parts. It was a total roller coaster ride that left me frustrated most of the time leaving me mentally screaming "Oh my God just kiss each other already!!!" but I have to say their romance was heated in some parts but they were few and far between. I can understand the mental struggle Camelia was having with what she was feeling and what everyone else was saying. I mean I would be a little wary to if the guy I liked was arrested for murdering his past girlfriend. This story also shows that one should not always listen to what others say or think and find out the truth for themselves. Though when Camelia and Ben got together boy did their chemistry sizzle off the page. The scene's were beautifully intimate and tastefully having me want way more than there was. The plot was crazy and exciting had me wondering who was stalking Camelia and had me wondering with each and every male character that showed up who could it be, from Ben down to Wes. What added to the intensity of the story was how Stolarz gave us first hand insight into the stalkers mind. By the end of the story I was happy at how engaged I had become and it had a great closer leaving me want more.