My Double Life

My Double Life - Janette Rallison This book tells the story of Alexia Garcia who’s just your average teenager getting ready to graduate high school and begin her new life in college. Living in a single family home with her mother and grandmother, Alexia is just your down to earth girl who is just trying to live her life, aside from the fact that she’s the splitting image of Kari Kingsley one of the biggest musical superstar. After a prank put Alexia’s picture on the internet, her striking resemblance made its way to Kari and her manager who offered Alexia the deal of a lifetime, pose as Kari’s double. Janette Rallison did a very good job capturing the essence and voice of a teenage girl trying to find out who she is. From the very beginning Alexia voice was clear and believable and I understood the reasoning for why she would take the offer. At first I thought that this would be a quick light read but in actuality Rallison brought up some important topics like family, identity and peer pressure. Rallison did a great job combining the important issues with the sparkling life of Hollywood and romance, making this an enjoyable read. The characters were very believable and the writing style flowed, though the plot was a bit predictable and the reasoning behind how Alexia and Kari looked so much alike was a bit too far fetched for me. Other than the few problems I had with the plot the story was entertaining. The cover art didn’t really enhance the story for me but it was realistic to the portrayal of the story. What really had me flipping through the pages was whether Alexia and Kari were going to get caught in the scheme and whether Alexia would reveal the secret she been holding. Overall I found this an enjoyable read and would recommend this book to those who want a mixture of light easy read with important underlining themes woven into the story as well.