Rush of Darkness (Primal Instinct, #7)

Rush of Darkness (Primal Instinct, #7) - Rhyannon Byrd This was the first book that I read from Rhyannon Byrd and her Primal Instinct series and I have to say that I enjoyed the story. Faced with a past abduction that changed her life forever, Raine Spencer finds herself facing her past hang on. Instead of trying to forget her past and what was done to her, Raine decides to face it and find and destroy all of her abductors. Things really start to heat up when Seth, one of the warriors who were on the rescue team that broke her out, decides to join her on her quest to capture the master mind behind the abduction, Kraven. Now Raine is a powerful vampire psychic and Seth used to be a vampire hunter so the tension between these two characters is instantly raised, add the strong sexual attraction that they have for each other that keeps on building every time they are near and you have one entertaining read. The big question on my mind was whether they would kill each other or love each other. What worked for me in Rush of Darkness was the interestingly unique world that Rhyannon Byrd created. Rain and Seth were strong characters in their own right and it made for a page turning read to see how these two would get together. The writing was clear and understandable and even though this is the seventh book in the series, I wasn’t confused or felt like I was missing anything.What could have worked better for me was the ending. I thought that it was a bit too convenient and clear-cut. This was such an engaging story I thought that there could have been more struggle and growth between Raine and Seth and their mission to find and destroy a Kraven. The more action and struggle, the more I care about what happens to them. So bring on the action and struggle I say!!!Overall Rush of Darkness was a great engaging story, with strong interesting characters and a steamy hot romance. I’m looking forward to Rhyannon Bryd’s newest installment two the Primal Instinct series. Readers interested in a paranormal romance should give Rush of Darkness a try.