Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1)

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1) - Ever since this book first came out and I saw the front cover and read the synopsis I knew I had to get this book in my hands. Now I've finally got it and devoured it and my thoughts on this story is…wow, just….wow! The depth put into this story was amazing, from the characterization, to the plot and the scenery and history, it leaves you entangled in the lives of the characters and their journey. The story is set in this small ordinary town called Gatlin and our main character and narrator Ethan brings us into his ordinary life, wanting to get out of Gatlin as soon as he can. Then comes our second main character Lena who comes to town and this is were Ethan's life gets a lot more interesting, beginning the adventure to finding love and all the obstacles that come with keeping it. I found all the characters were totally developed and interesting giving an extra spice to the story. I understood what Lena was going through and to all those who've ever felt like an outsider can totally relate to her. Ethan's crazy housekeeper/ second mother Amma really brought the spice to the pages and all the other unique characters in the book. The setting also played a big role in the story bringing to life the history of the town and all that happed there. I was mesmerized with the intensity and connection between Ethan and Lena and I loved how Garcia and Stohl could pull me in and make me so emotionally invested with this story and its characters. I can't wait for the continuation!! Those looking for a great intriguing, romantic story filled with danger should defiantly read this book!!!Come check out my reviews on my Blog Literary Wonders