Two-Way Street

Two-Way Street - Lauren Barnholdt This story was an enjoying read. Going on a road trip with your recently ex-boyfriend, who dumped you for another girl, for three days sounds horrifying but Barnholdt took that horrifying situation and turned it into a very engaging story that I couldn't put down. The story focuses around Courtney and Jordan, the recently broken up couple and how they're going on a road trip to the same university, talk about awkward!. Instead of just focusing on them in the present, Barnholdt does a smart move by also going in the past to how Courtney and Jordan got together in the first place and how their relationship progressed. In doing that we got to see who Courtney and Jordan really were as characters, got to know their very interesting friends and more importantly what really happened to make their relationship end. After reading the beginning chapters I really wanted to hate Jordan for what he did to Courtney and hate how Courtney still felt something for him but I quickly found out that not everything is so cut and dry and there's usually way more to the story than what's being seen, giving the story and added depth that I enjoyed. The characters were believable and I loved the dialogue though a little crude at times totally fit with the first person narrative of teenage kids. This story was a great read and one I would definitely recommend to those looking for a great romance tale.