In the Arms of Stone Angels

In the Arms of Stone Angels - Jordan Dane What an intense, engaging story. In The Arms of Stone Angels had me from the beginning of the story till the end. What worked for me within the story was the deep intensity and the serious issues brought up from the beginning. Besides the engaging story were the characters that had to navigate the crazy world they live in. Brenna was an interesting character to get to know and explore with the adventures she had to go through. She was very strong in dealing with the things that happened to her. If it were me I know it would have driven me crazy. I understood the choices she had to make even though they were hard ones.The story took unpredictable turns that lead me on a crazy journey with Brenna and White Bird. There wasn’t much romance between the two but the adventure and drama made up for it. The writing was smooth and lyrical and didn’t leave me confused with what was happening. The use of Native American myths was well done, flowing well with adventure and drama. I really enjoyed this book and feel that readers will too.