The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter Dive into the world of the Greek myths as one of the most well known stories is told in a new way. I didn’t know how Ms. Carter would remake the story and if it would be more traditional or modern, but she found a perfect balance which made this an overall great story.What worked in The Goddess Test were the characters, they were interesting as well as engaging adding to the complexity of the story.I found Kate to be a well throughout character with strength and vulnerable that I could relate to. The choices that she had to make were understandable and I enjoyed the journey and how she grew as a person. Henry was as complex as Kate and I enjoyed learning about him, his past and who he truly was.The relationship between Kate & Henry was intense and believable.The plot was intricately done as well as complicated. Full of mystery and surprises. I didn’t know what was going to happen next and I enjoyed the ride.Ms. Carter did a great job creating a fresh twist on the Greek mythology. While the story was complex the writing wasn’t. It was clear and easy to read, making the total experience enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to reading what’s next on Kate’s epic journey. Readers should defiantly give The Goddess Test a read.