Review: Nobody

Nobody - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Website: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Publisher: Egmont USA

Published: January 22, 2013

Source: Media Masters Publicity 



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The synopsis of the story really pulled me in. I really enjoyed Jennifer Lynn Barnes Raised By Wolves series so I was really interested in reading Nobody. It focuses on teens called Nobodies. They have ability of not really being seen by anyone including loved ones. They are easily forgotten and with that can come terrible loneliness or the ultimate power.In Nobody we see the double edge sword of both of these scenarios. Claire is oblivious to her power and fighting the loneliness and Nix is brought up to hone his power becoming an assassin. Things really heat up when Nix and Claire's world suddenly collide.I really enjoyed the adventure that Nix and Claire went through. It was so unique and compelling that I was constantly flipping the page to find out what would happen next..........


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