Fade (Wake)

Fade - Lisa McMann This was a great story. It had me from beginning to end. This story is the second book of the series and the plot keeps getting better and better. In this story we meet up with Janie who's a dream catcher (someone who can enter people's dreams) working on a new assignment for the police. The characters are very engaging and real and there are no dull moments in the book. The romance between Jamie and Cabe sizzles the pages adding a new element to the story. This serious case that Janie and Cabe is working on has Janie nose deep in danger, filling the book with suspense and intrigue which had me quickly flipping the pages to find out if Janie would crack the case. I was totally happy with the way the book ended, happy that the perpetrators got what they deserved. The way McMann writes is not the traditional was but it works. Reading this story I really enjoyed the ride McMann took me on with the serious themes and the light hearted romance and comedy. I will defiantly pick up the next book in the series to see what wild ride Janie and Cabe goes on next.