Meridian (Meridian Series #1)

Meridian - Amber Kizer This story intrigued me with the new twist on death and how the main character Meridian dealt with it being a major part of her life and her strange powers. I liked how from the start of the story to the end there was no dull moments with us being force fed loads and loads of the history of her origin, but that we learned who Meridian really was with her. I loved Meridian's mentor and name sake, her great aunt which she called auntie. I loved how caring and strong she was helping as much as she could with getting Meridian to see who she really was, and that the powers she possessed was not a burden but a gift to helping people in their final time. There was a little bit of romance thrown in which I felt could have been explored more (but don't mind me I'm a romance junky) between her and Tens. I enjoyed how Meridian and Tens didn't fall instantly head over heels in love but grew into their love for each other.The plot was dynamic and filled with drama as Meridian was thrust into excepting who she was and dealing with the threat, that had the charm and charisma to literally take over a whole town, wanting to destroy them. Making this story overall an exciting good read, hopefully turning into a great series.