Prophecy of the Sisters (Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy, Book I)

Prophecy of the Sisters - Michelle Zink I was very curious by this story ever since I saw the cover and read the synopsis and in reading the story I was not disappointed. What would you do if you found out you were apart of a grand prophecy that would bring on the apocalypse? And even more shocking is that you and your twin were both going to be playing major parts in the prophecy but you didn't know which side you were destined to play, good or evil? This is the dilemma the main character Lia finds herself in. The book is set in the end of the eighteen hundreds and though I'm not really into historical stories the setting totally worked and added more depth. I like how the author Michelle Zink kept the description low the intrigue high. It had amazing flow and the imagery described was enough to put me right along side Lia in her quest to figure out her role in this epic prophecy thrust upon her. The characters were interesting and believable though I wish there were more information to make the even more three dimensional. Lia's character was charming and strong for a girl in her time and her sister Alice brought the intensity and mystery and had me wondering what she was going to do next. I loved the mystical world that Zink created bringing both wonder and danger to the story. This book is one I would recommend to those looking for a well written tale filled with intrigue, danger and magic. I'm totally looking out for the sequel!