Knight Angels

Book of Love - Abra Ebner Ebner took a recently popular theme in YA and put her own personal stamp which leads to an entertaining read. We are just introduce to seventeen year old Jane as she is dealing with the tragic lost of her father and with it the crazy power that she has that makes her secluded from everyone. Except her friend/e-boyfriend Wes, who have secrets of his own. Thing get complicated when the new boy Max joins in her senior year things start to get complicated as Jane gets drawn towards Max. Soon the past is brought around her father’s death and when she looks for answers. Jane realizes that Max isn’t how she thinks he is and that he has more of a connection to her than she realizes. Bring in Jane’s sassy smart talking sister Emily who’s a year younger with a secret of her own and you have a compelling story filled with action, suspense and romance. I enjoyed how the story was told in the different voices of Jane, Emily, Wes & Max. I got to see into all of their lives and how they dealt with their challengers and how at the end they were all connected. They al were strong characters that lent a different element towards the story as a whole which created a good balance. I look forward to reading more about them and what obstacles lay in their future.