Mercy - Rebecca Lim Not knowing what to expect with Mercy, what I got instantly drew me into an intense story that I couldn’t pull away.From the start Mercy and her crazy story, the journey of finding out who she really is and what need to happen in the life she now found herself in.Mercy was a strong character with a strong personality that knew what needed to be done and wasn’t afraid to do it. Her relationship with Ryan was compelling yet mysterious adding to the story. There was clear growth and development between their relationship without them falling instantly in love with each other. What stood out for me within Mercy was the plot. The suspense and intrigue was just as compelling. Taking on a ride I didn’t know what would happen next and who it would happen to. The story was filled with edge and drama. Also with the classic mystery elements of Who’d done it? and missing person rolled into one.Ms. Lim’s writing was clear and uncomplicated. Even with the dual stories being told they somehow worked together.Overall, Mercy was an amazing read, filled with a balance of great characters and even greater story. The ending was like the cherry on top. Leading to a start of an engaging series that I can’t wait to read.