Dreaming Awake

Dreaming Awake - Gwen Hayes Originally Reviewed on Literary Cravings- Check Out More Reviews!Gwen Hayes left me in a state of wonder, excitement and curiosity with the first book in the series Falling Under. I couldn't wait to pick up Dreaming Awake and reenter the crazy world of Serendipity Falls and Under. Theia is back at Serendipity Falls, trying to pick up the pieces of her life. Things have changed including Theia herself and she knows it. Whether that change is good or bad she slowly begins to discover as the story unfolds. So the question now becomes how Theia goes about taken back her old life and integrating it with the new one has been thrust upon her? What WorkedDreaming Awake started off where Falling Under left off. It was really entertaining to watch as Theia try to pull her life back together while dealing with how much her life has changed and the intense relationship with Haden. The mystery was suspenseful, behind what was really happening in Serendipity Falls, whether Theia would be able to pull off integrating her old life with the new and on top of all that dealing her complicated relationship with Haden really had me invested in finding out all the answers. The romance between Theia and Haiden was a roller coaster of emotions, going from sweet to steamy and back again. They clearly loved each other, that was a given from the first book, although I enjoyed how their love was tested in this book. Theia had to make some tough decisions that Haiden didn’t agree with but she made them anyway. That she made the decision really showed her growth as a character. There relationship wasn't all happy ever hugs and kisses and I appreciated that.The story was detailed and intriguing and so were the characters. They all were well rounded, believable and played important roles within the story. I enjoyed reading about their journey as much as Theia and Haden’s. I have to say that my favorite character was actually one of Theia's best friends Donny. She was such a snarky in your face character that had an opinion for everything and I looked forward to what she would say or do next. I also enjoyed her growing relationship with perfect, popular Gabe. Haiden was such a tortured boy, wanting to do the right thing and be good despite his lineage. He totally had my sympathy. Though I appreciated him wanting to do right with Theia, I was secretly thrilled when he let his bad guy slip out at some points. He had so much intensity that it radiated through out the story. I wanted Theia to continue to mess with him just to see it come out. Could Have Been BetterEven though Theia was a well-developed character that showed growth I wish she had a bit more edge, adding to the growing complexity of the story. What happened to her was a very traumatic experience and I just wish affected her even more.The beginning, though good, pacing was a bit slow and I felt that the mystery behind what was going on in Serendipity Falls could have been pushed even further. Overall As with the first book Gwen Hayes lead me on an interesting ride filled with action, danger, mystery and romance. Dreaming Awake captured me with its unique and intriguing story and characters. The beginning of the story was good but Gwen really had me at the end when things started to hit the fan and the danger was at its most high. I know that this is just the beginning and I look forward to see what will happen next. Readers looking for an intense story filled with intrigue, romance, action and danger should pick up Dreaming Awake.Yummy Read