Wildefire - Karsten Knight First ImpressionsEverybody has problem in their lives, especially family problems and Ashline is no exception. Though her life quickly turns a bit more complicated then she expected, leaving many questions in need of answers. With this story I wanted something wild and different, filled with action, romance and mystery. And it was answered.What WorkedThe Pacing: I enjoyed how it didn’t take forever and a day for things to happen, from the first chapter things started with a bang capturing my attention.The Mystery: There were many interesting questions raised within the story raging from who Ashline and friends really were? What is their true purpose? Why? And many more. I liked how some were answered keeping me somewhat satisfied yet wanting more. The Action: Like the pacing it was instant, grabbing a hold and not letting go. I enjoyed how there was action from beginning and throughout the story. The Developing Romance: Ashline and Colt’s growing romance was just that, growing. No instant love here, instant attraction yes. Totally refreshing.The Lore: Love, loved, loved how the different mythologies were showcased and how they interconnected making things way more interesting. Could Have Been BetterWhile the writing style was clear and understandable I only had one gripe and that was the transition between one scene to the next. It left me a bit confused for a minute and had me backtracking to understand that it was a scene change. A clearer indication would have made it smoother for me. CharactersThey were all realistically dynamic as well as interesting. Bringing different things to the plate making for a better story. Ashline: Relatable, Interesting, Secure. Ashline had a strong secure voice and I enjoyed reading her story through her eyes. There were questions raised and she wasn’t afraid to find answers. Eve: Crazy, Psychotic Sister: Really enjoyed her crazy psychotic ways. Nobody was safe. Colt: Sexy, Mysterious Romantic Wilderness Guy. He kept Ashline on her toes with his involvement.Jackie: The lovable, reliable best friend. Everyone needs a best friend like her, seriously. Rolfe: Humorous Surfer Dude: He made me laugh with basically everything that came out his mouthRaja: The Standoffish Beauty Queen. Even though she was a bit standoffish in the beginning I warmed up to her in the end. Ade: The Silent Reliable One: He’s the person you want on your side in practically any situation.Lily: The Quite One. Not much to say about her since she was quite. But you know what they say about the quite ones. Serena: The Knowing One. She was the girl with the answers, answers that lead to more questions. OverallWildefire was just that a wildfire. Filled with a multitude of lore, mystery , drama and romance. I really enjoyed the beginning of Ashline and her friends journey which from what I’ve read so far should be epic. How things ending left me filled with shock and anticipation. I look forward to what Karsten Knight has in store for us.